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Market Trends

The biggest change in the pet accessories market has been a shift to personalized products, with dog collars representing a major example. The unified marketing report by Grand View Research reveals that almost 30% of the pet accessories market, which will be worth almost $25 billion by 2024 is covered by customizable products. A 2023 Pet Products Survey reports that 70% of pet owners claim that they would gladly buy their pet a customized product to make sure that the pet will have a unique look and style, and Google Trends data informs that this trend keeps growing at 50% year over year increase of searches for “customizable dog collar”.

With the increasing tendency of treating a pet as a member of the family, the demand for customizable accessories, particularly dog collars, is highly likely to increase.  Meanwhile, anyone interested in making such a purchase is likely to find it overwhelming due to the abundance of options on the current market. This is why we aim to present the top five brands in the niche, focused on quality, style, and personalization. 

Here,the brands listed next can be considered the best of the best in terms of customizable dog collars and more possibility fits your requirements on 2024 whether you prefer luxury, durability, and eco-friendliness.

Brand comparison



Year Established





World's First Truly Customizable Dog Collar,The Pioneer in Customization.

Offers high-quality leather collars with interchangeable charms.

Ideal for pet owners looking for luxurious and unique accessories.




Durable nylon collars with embroidered text, high visibility, and various color options.

Suitable for active pets.




Heavy-duty nylon collars with quick-release buckles.

Customizable text color and font.

Designed for active and adventurous pets.




Produces waterproof and stain-resistant collars from medical-grade materials.

Customizable with various colors and text options.

Perfect for pets that love outdoor activities.


Blueberry Pet


Affordable adjustable collars.

A variety of colors and classic designs.

Suitable for pets with limited budget but pursuing fashionable style.

Brand segmentation

1. Xparkles


Xparkles, the world’s first truly customizable dog collar brand, is ISO 9001 certified and independent laboratory strength tested, winning the MUSE Design Award Silver Award and the European Product Design Gold Award. Xparkles also combines premium leather dog collars with a variety of interchangeable embellishments to create over 4.5 billion different looks and over 14.0 billion unique styles!

Quality is our a high priority at Xparkles,Xparkles collars use only the best materials. Xparkles collars boast the plush comfort of premium Nappa leather and the elegance of silver-grade charms, ensuring that your dog not only looks good but feels good too.

Born in 2022 and based in the UK, Xparkles not just an online retail company,but also where the styles and personalities of dogs from around the world are created.Xparkles is not just a brand,it’s a commitment to growing with you. Beyond collars and charms, we’re constantly exploring new horizons to enhance the bond between pets and their owners.


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2. GoTags


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Established in 1995, GoTags specializes in durable nylon collars that can be personalized with embroidered text. Known for their high visibility and durability, GoTags collars are ideal for active pets who need reliable and stylish identification.

Whether our four-legged friends accompany us on shared adventures out, or unanticipated solo missions, identification is a necessity to ensure their safe return. GoTags’ products are designed to withstand tough conditions while ensuring your pet’s safety during outdoor activities.

3. Pawblefy


Pawblefy was founded in 2020,with the mission to provide pet owners with durable and stylish dog collars that can withstand the challenges of daily wear.The company recognised the need for robust customisable dog gear and designed heavy-duty nylon collars with quick-release buckle for added safety and convenience.

Pawblefy collars can be personalized with various text colors and fonts, allowing owners to add their pet’s name and contact information directly onto the collar. This customization not only adds a dog charm but also enhances the safety of pets by making them easily identifiable. Pawblefy’s commitment to high-quality designs and advanced usability features has made it highly popular among pets who love to explore the world.


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4. C4


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Company 4 was founded in 2011 with the overriding purpose to offer innovative, high-quality pet accessories that are also extremely functional and stylish. In particular, the company’s line of products is described by the motto “choose your color, choose your cause,” which captures the convenience of customization and the dedication to supporting various charitable causes.

The company offers dog collars of various colors which are made of “medical-grade quality” and hypoallergenic materials. The choice of materials ensures that the collar is waterproof and resistant to stains so it is perfect for dogs that are affactionate and can get really dirty on walks. Due to its high sustainability to various conditions, the collar is easily washable and remains in excellent condition protecting life of pets. Hence, this blend of customization, durability, and social responsibility has positioned C4 as a leading brand in the pet accessories market.

5. Blueberry Pet


Blueberry Pet, established in 2012, is a high-quality yet quite affordable pet accessory brand. It is designed to be practical, comfortable, and most other consumers might agree with this position. What is more important is that collar by Blueberry Pet is not just comfortable but also durable.

Blueberry Pet collar makes sure tonly durable materials are used, and collars are suitable for all the dogs’ sizes. On top of that, they are perfect for sensitive skin.The main philosophy of the company is to provide quality and affordability and the reasonable combination of these two. On the one hand, Blueberry Pet Collar has a minimal design, simple to use and easy to take on and take off. Any 4-legged friend will definitely enjoy having a buckle and adjustable plastic clip in their necks. Thus, Blueberry Pet has a reputation for producing cost-effective pet accessories, which has helped it build a large target audience.


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