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3 points to print the dog’s name on the collar

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Printing a dog’s name on their collar increases the chance of quick return by 30%, aids in direct contact via visible phone numbers, and minimizes stress by avoiding shelters.


Printing the name of your dog on the collar is easy and rational. If the pet runs away in the park or in the forest or at night, and you yourself are unable to find it, any person will be able to call it by name. Sometimes even a beast who falls into a completely unfamiliar place calms down and begins to behave calmly and boldly if it is addressed. In addition, a survey in the USA showed that in relation to lost dogs, with a collar with the name and address or telephone number of the owners, the return to them occurs on average 30% faster than that of dogs without any identification. In big cities, with their flow of people and bustle, and curving streets that create a kind of labyrinth, the benefit is repeatedly increased. And, finally, a dog that has been found and picked up does not sit in a shelter all day while the owner is in a hurry to get it. I remember, during one of the moves, the cat ran out into the street and disappeared. It took a very long time to find it, my mother even asked me to come and help her spend hours in animal shelters and veterinary offices simply identifying our pet. And behind the information, on the content of an animal in the shelter or an office, it is already $ 200. In my opinion, it is minimal.


Contact Information

Attaching contact information to a dog’s collar is one of the most straightforward methods of improving the chances of the lost dog returning home quickly. A collar that includes a phone number and perhaps an address will enable anybody who finds the dog to contact the owner as soon as possible. This method would mean that the dog, if lost, would spend significantly less time either in the pound or in the safe custody of a well-intentioned stranger. In most civilized cities, a dog with a contact number imprinted on her collar could be returned within a matter of hours. As opposed to the days or even weeks that a dog could spend in the pound, waiting for its owner to process and identify it. In addition, the quick nature of this method reduces the stress on the dog, which typically gets extremely frightened in a pound. As far as the price of the method is concerned. An effective and dependable collar could be purchased for a cost of $5 to $15. In contrast to the microchipping method, which includes a one-time fee of $25 to $75 and requires scanning to determine the contact information, the collar does not require any technology or a middle-man.

One could also consider a more modern version in the form of a digital tag. This option would provide a phone number as well but would have a link to a web page with a lot more contact information and perhaps with details of the software’s medical history.

Security Concerns

To begin with, in order to understand the implications, it might be useful to explain the factors that should be considered when deciding whether the practice of placing a dog’s name on its collar is secure. From this point of view, an important risk is linked to the possibility that a person with malicious intentions could take advantage of such knowledge once an owner calls this name. In this way, the person would be perceived as a familiar one and able to attract the dog. Such a risk may be high in some cases when a dog is valuable due to its breed or training. Nonetheless, it should be noted that the frequency of such cases can be relatively low taking into account the application of this security measure in the majority of cases when pets are returned safely due to a clear identification.

At the same time, some safety measures with the aim of preserving relatively high benefits of such a practice recommend collars that provide not only the name of a dog but also the field that would help an interested person contact its owner. Yet it does not mean that any wise devices could be used. For example, I often use smart tags that are the most secure from the point of view of any cases of abuse. The online profile that is connected to a tag has to be verified and does not reveal my contact details to the person who found my dog. There are also certified devices that I use myself, and it is important for me that they guarantee the possibility of contacting me without any risk.

Aside from this method of enhancing security, there are also useful solutions in terms of ensuring favorable contingencies in terms of, for example, knowing one’s location. I personally use a GPS child tracker that allows me to find out my pets location. I also believe that these devices are relatively cheap as a rule, and the prices can fluctuate between $50 and $100, with some additional monthly payments for GPS services that vary between $5 and $10.

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