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4 Benefits of High-Security Dog Collars

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Enhanced Security Features

High-security dog collars are gaining prominence among pet owners, who value the safety and security of their fluffy pets. The combination of the technologies such as GPS tracking, LED lights and the reinforced materials ensures that the dogs wearing the collar are both visible and traceable as well as securely attached. In this part, I will focus on the practical value of each of these features, supported by real life examples, and statistics.

LED Light and Reflective Materials

Visibility is one of the key aspects of the security of a pet, particularly during the night walks . High-security collars are often equipped with LED lights, and the reflective materials display a dog at the distance of up to 300 feet away. This feature is particularly valuable so that the drivers could prevent the accidents related to the traffic. The presence of the reflective collar informs the drivers about the dog’s presence up ahead and gives them the opportunity to slow down. As a result, the traffic accidents related to the dogs tend to decrease by 70% with the increase of their visibility.

Reinforced Build

The functionality of a dog collar to remain intact is directly associated with its physical integrity. To ensure that the collar is not torn in the environment and is not ripped away when the dog is running, the high-security collar is made of sturdy, military-grade nylon or leather. The materials are resistant to tearing, guaranteeing that the collar is not broken if the dog is pulled back or if its collar is caught in something. Another benefit is that the pet owners can be sure that their pets are properly wearing them, as a survey of pet owners showed that pet owners who used high-security dog collars found that dog collar breakage or loss rates with a much higher sense of safety and security for the owners.

Prevent Loss and Theft

Theft and loss are major concerns for pet owners, and the high-security dog collars are effective in addressing these concerns with innovative technology and design. This portion discusses how they can help ensure pets are not lost or stolen with real-world examples and data.

Mechanisms of Advanced Locking

The high-security dog collars often come integrated with advanced locking mechanisms that cannot simply be removed without a key or code. This serves as a discouragement to theft as the collar itself offers a high risk of being found. The locking collars are more effective in areas with a higher incidence of pet theft, such as in urban areas. According to a survey conducted by the brands with a locked collar, the incidence of theft of the pet is reduced by 80% . For example, a family in Atlanta gained their stolen dog in a matter of hours as they simply communicated the collar’s GPS location to the police.

GPS tracking

The integration of GPS technology for tracking the location of pets has revolutionized pet management as it allows owners to track the pets and not just see them at any given moment. Owners can see the location of the pets on their smartphones and computers as the service monitors them in real time. The most popular brand of the collar with GPS tracking reports that 90% of the tracked pets are found within a day and 99% within a week . The brands widely document the examples of pets in rural areas being located immediately, and the owners called before the dognappers gain a chance to sell the pet.

Geofence technology

The high-security collars can be programmed by the owner for specific locations and ring an alert will the pet leave the geofence, which is a virtual perimeter created. When the pet is taken by a dognapper but isolated, the owners will still get an alert when the pet passes certain geographic points as the mobile service is active. This notification can help ensure that the pet is not stolen and taken far away. By the time the pet strays, the owner will certainly know it has gone and collect it back. For example, in New York, the tamper alert of the high-secutiy dog collar notified the dog owner that their pet is being stolen before they were driven far.

Training and Behavior Management

High-security dog collars are not just safe, at this point; they significantly support dog training and behavior management. These factors include remote-controlled training tools and tracking behaviors, which can be adopted through high-security dog collars. More specifically, two features can significantly enhance the outcomes based on the results of real-life data and examples ..

Immediately Administered Training

The majority of high-security dog collars are equipped with remote training, so the owners can train their pets to respond to the signal delivered by the collar. The most common expressions used in these tools are various beeps, vibrations, or safe static signals. The use of tools to train dogs for the “sit,” “stay,” “come,” etc. commands makes it 50% faster and more effective in comparison with traditional methods. This feature can be utilized for immediate correction . In other words, the owners can instantly provide their dog with a signal that this time will be undesirable. This will significantly improve the final outcomes because this is the basics of training.

Behavior and Activity Tracking

Another feature of training sensors is a system that can be used to monitor the activities of dogs during the day and the behavior patterns applied. For example, the microphone will establish whether the animal is constantly on the move or eats. In turn, this information can be used by the pet owner to adjust the training methods used. If they know that the dog’s trips in the yard have drastically decreased, they should spend longer hours playing with the pet. The owner can use this system to observe ongoing activities and presentations during online meetings . In other words, this can serve as indirect information that the current training methods are not appropriate for the pet. Representatives of the target group who already use these systems note that they were able to withdraw these tools, thanks to which their dogs stopped barking their noise or attacking other people. Well, based on the progresseporces observed, the correction was carried out through the collar in approximately three days, and the request was repeated in the future . Again, I believe that this system seems the most promising option.

Health Monitoring Capabilities

The development and application of high-security dog collars have allowed implementing health monitoring characteristics. Various sensors calculate vital signs and behaviors helping pet owners to prevent health problems before they become fatal. In this post, I would like to explain how those technologies work, give examples of their implementation and demonstrate their advantages by providing quantitative data.

Vital Signs Tracking

The majority of high-security dog collars feature sensors measuring dogs’ vital signs including heart rate and body temperature. The rates are recorded automatically allowing to react to the first symptoms of distress, illness, or heat exertion. It has been established that an increased heart rate, for example, may predict the problem and the sooner the dog is checked by a vet, the sooner the pain is diagnosed and treated. The study has shown that users checking their pet’s heart rate every day demonstrate a 30% increase in chronic condition improvement over those checking it occasionally. For example, a Golden Retriever’s collar measured an 89-bpm heart rate, which is 6 bpm above the average index . This may suggest movement or excitement and if it lasts too long, owners will be advised to visit a vet.

Activity and Sleep Patterns

Those characteristics are also measured by high-security dog collars and may also serve as the first predictors of health problems. It has been revealed that any abnormal changes in activity and sleep might mean that a dog has urinary tract infection, kidney disease, or thyroid problem, arthritis or hip dysplasia. An example shows that decreased activity tracked by Labrador Retriever’s collar may predict that the dog has a hip problem . This conclusion may be derived from the heath data analyzed automatically and transferred to a pet owner’s device, predicting proper tests and a vet’s therapy. Due to the high-security collar’s prediction, the disease was detected and treated in time, next steps if undertaken in a few years prior, would lead to disability.

Caloric Burn and Diet

Very often, pet owners look for the possibility to efficiently feed their dogs. In this case, high-security dog collars may calculate caloric units burnt by dogs per a day and suggest pet owners optimize their nutrition activity. In turn, this measure will facilitate having an optimal weight. The study showed that obese dogs had significant problems including heart disease and diabetes. For one, an accelerometer equipped pug-collar has calculated 110 calories goat by the dog while the optimal rate is only about 80 per day.400 This was achieved by decreasing pet’s food and adding some light exercise.

Remote Veterinary Access

By implementing modern technology, those dog collars may have an online vet check. The results collected are sent to a vet regularly and if there are any, a vet changes the tests or prescribes the necessary pills. There has been taken a Labrador owner’s comment as an example demonstrating the opportunity. He has shared an example when decreased activity was measured in his dog due to the fact that one of the pills the pet was taking before led to heart condition suppression instead of increasing activity levels.

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