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5 dog collars recommended by veterinarians

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Veterinarians often recommend five types of dog collars: Standard Flat Collars for everyday use, Breakaway Collars for safety, Martingale Collars for training, Harnesses for better control and comfort, and Head Collars for managing pulling behavior effectively.

Standard Flat Collar

Veterinarians recommend the Standard Flat Collar to many of the dog owners as a basic and simple option due to its versatility, effectiveness, and safety. The product is suitable for many types of dogs, from puppies to large adult ones, and it is often designed for dogs who do not have problems with pulling the leash. The variety of features makes it a great general-purpose option because the collar can be easily paired with ID tags, rabies vaccination information or connected to a leash.

Thus, the owner will be able to easily identify their pet even outside and in case it is lost. According to Spinella, a dog that is wearing a collar or harness with clear identification has a 48% higher chance of being returned to its owner. In addition, in regard to the material, many products are produced today with the use of eco-friendly materials including bamboo or using leather, while the latter type is also known for it being “durable and will last for a very long time.” Leather also becomes softer with time and will be more pleasant to the touch.

Another reason for the popularity of Standard Flat Collars and the ability to recommend them to many pet owners is the relatively low cost. Indeed, the starting cost for such products is approximately $10, with the high-quality and reliable product typically not exceeding $30, regardless of the material. Spinella states that the average life of such collars is from one to four years, which makes it a relatively good deal for the pet owners.

Finally, many flat collars have a quick-release buckle that can easily let a dog out if there is an emergency and the dog gets caught. However, for a collar to be effective, dog owners should select the right size and type by making sure that it is tight enough not to skip the dog’s head, but at the same time loose enough to fit two of their fingers between the dog’s neck and the collar. It is also important for pet owners to be responsible and regularly check and adjust the collar as necessary, especially for the growing puppies. Finally, another advantage is that many flat collars are lightweight, easy to use, and do not restrict dogs’ movement in their daily lives.


Breakaway Collars

Breakaway Collars are recommended by vets, primarily because they are entirely safe. A breakaway collar is designed to unclasp itself under load, presumably to avoid fracturing a pet’s neck, but the main purpose is to avoid the severe danger of choking. The way the collar is built ensures that if it gets caught in a tree being climbed by a cat or a cow, a bush being pushed through by a dog, or simply a twig or even a cupboard in a house, it will unclasp and spare the animal a broken neck or strangling. It makes the product most useful for pets that spend their lives both in the house and outside, occasionally going into the wild as well.

The breakaway collar is, for example, used in the instances of pet owners having outdoors cats. Cats love climbing trees and checking pipes, but a study demonstrates that using traditional collars on cats increases their risk of injury by the entangling of a collar. A breakaway collar will solve this problem. They have reduced the number of emergency calls for entangled or injured cats. These collars are made out of nylon and polyester, so they are wear-proof as well as comfortable. They are also produced in all sizes, from S to XXL. Finally, breakaway collars are sold in many designs and colors.

It is beneficial for the host them to choose a design that fit’s their pet’s personality and a color that’s the most appealing for them while ensuring they have some safety points. In terms of the price, breakaway collars are usually sold at $15-25. This is a small price for increased safety features, slightly over a usual flat collar. Most pet owners want pets to be happy and safe in the first place, which is why breakaway collars are a great option despite the slightly increased cost. Pet owners can regularly check the fit of the collar, ensuring it is tight enough not to unclasp at the impact against every twig, yet breaking down under dangerous pressure. Sometimes the collar needs adjustment to the size and strength of the pet.

Martingale Collars

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A lot of veterinarians suggest people use a harness instead of a regular collar for their dogs. Although it is the best option for some animals, such as for the ones with respiratory problems or those that tend to pull a lot, and it is more comfortable for the majority of them, since it distributes the pressure more evenly around its body, for others, it is better simply because it is safer. Thus, for breeds that are prone to tracheal collapse, including Pomeranians and Yorkshire terriers, a regular collar makes them run a huge risk, while a harness puts the pressure around the chest and the shoulders and reduces the level of potential harm.

Also, harnesses are better for training a pet to perform such things as stopping or sitting. When people try getting their puppies or other highly energetic animals to walk on a leash by simply pulling on them when they try jumping or grabbing something, they hurt them, and it does not help at all, as they were trying to escape the strangling. Instead, while doing the same with a properly adjusted harness, the owner does not hurt the dog and retains complete control.

Harnesses can be easily fastened around the dog’s back or the chest. The former is better for training rather calm animals, while the latter will be more effective for breeds that tend to pull. The materials differ, but both padded nylon and those that are breathable are more comfortable for the pet. Since they vary in size, they can also be properly adjusted for any dog, while soft fabric prevents skin irritation or bruises. Still, weighing no more than $20-$ 50, harnesses can be found in a very wide price range.

Head Collars or Gentle Leaders

Veterinarians frequently recommend the use of Head Collars or Gentle Leaders in the case of dogs that will not stop pulling during a walk or become aggressive. A Head Collar is a device designed to give the handler more control over the dog’s head, which naturally determines the direction of their entire body. This method is not only humane but is also quite effective, especially in comparison with more painful counterparts like choke chains.

The main principle behind the Head Collar is quite simple. It goes around the dog’s muzzle much like a horse’s bridle and its strap follows the back of the dog’s neck up to the back of their ears. If the dog tries to pull away, the design of the head collar will cause them to turn around towards the owner. Thus the owner gets the necessary control over the dog’s attention and their direction without having to actually hurt their pet. This level of control is very helpful if the owner is walking a powerful breed like Pit Bull or a Rottweiler which is not completely dangerous, but still hard to keep in control with a classic collar.

Such a device can be especially useful during a visit to the veterinarian’s office, especially if the dog has to go through an unpleasant procedure or gets aggressive when confronted by other canines. For the same reason, it is also much safer to rely on the Head Collar in a frequently crowed urban environment, as an distracted or overexcited dog can turn into a considerable hazard. The collar is most frequently made of a strong nylon or another durable material. Most models include padding to make it more comfortable for the dog. The cost of the item is quite reasonable, ranging from $15 to $30.

The Head Collar should be fitted properly. It should be tight enough so that the dog will not be able to pull it over his nose, but not too tight in order to be comfortable to wear. It is also important to check the fit of the collar regularly, as a growing dog puppy may require a looser collar from time to time.

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