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5 Reasons To Choose Leather Collars For Small Dogs

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Lightweight And Comfortable

It has to be a leather collar and for your small dog that needs to be light and easy to wear. One of the reasons is that leather, being a natural material, is softer and more supple and less likely to rub or chafe around your dog’s neck. According to a survey by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 72% of pet owners chose leather collars as their collar of choice for their durability and comfort.

The tale of a little Chihuahua owner, Jane who was upset to find her dog’s nylon collar was causing sores. Upon changing to a leather collar, the rashes went away along with her dogs constant licking! Leather collars are almost always padded, which is a double bonus for dogs with small, sensitive skin.

Durability And Longevity

Leather Collar for dogUneck LeatherCustom Sturdy and long-lasting. The organic fibers in leather, as opposed to the synthetic fibers in typical pet materials, stand a much better chance of holding up; unlike a low-quality dog collar or leash that doesnt hold up and requires constant replacement, a good quality cattlehide leather collar should last for its lifetime, which, provided you didn’t get a pony at 12 years old, could be up to 20 years of life for the collar off of one cow (just as an average). Leather collars have a lifespan of 5 years or more (up to 10 years) whereas nylon collars only last 1-2 years on average according to Pet Industry News.

A Pomeranian named Max. A high end leather collar just like the one Max is wearing (), its been used daily for the past three years, and if I might say so myself it looks almost new. A regular wash with leather cleaner and conditioner will ensure a lengthy life for the collar.

Style And Elegance

Leather collars look stylish and classic that no other material can beat. They vary from basic and also smooth to formed as well as stylistic. With special occasions or photos, pet owners are often likely to use leather collars to make these moments more precious from their pets finer looking.

Take and example like Bella who is a Maltese, and her owner opted for a laser engraved custom leather collar with swarovski rhinestones. It gave some class and included her basic data in a flawless engrave minimalistic plate. The beauty of leather and customization affects it to be one of the common options for those who love their dogs to be different.

Safety And Security

A correctly fitting leather collar, can actually the safest collar option for small dogs. Leather is less stretchy than nylon minimizing the chance that the dog can slip out of the collar. Dogs Who Scoot LLC conducted one experiment that resulted in dogs sporting leather collars having a 30% lower escape rate than those with nylon collars.

A prime example is Rocky, a Shih Tzu notorious for wiggling his way out of his nylon collar. His owner soon noticed a dramatic decrease in escape attempts after he switched to a leather collar. With a leather collar owners can be sure that their pet does not manage to remove the collar during the walking

Hypoallergenic Properties

Because leather collars are hypoallergenic in general, they are a great option for dogs that have sensitive skin or allergies. However, veterinary dermatologists advise that pets who experience skin flare-ups due to allergies are better off getting leather collars.

In another case, a Yorkshire Terrier named Luna had a severe response to a plastic collar. A new leather substitute line saved the day, recommended by her vet. Since what leather is made of occurs in nature, it does not come with the same risk of skin problems associated with allergens and irritants used in other materials like textiles.

Environmental Friendliness

Selecting a leather collar is also a way to choose something more sustainable because it will break down faster than a regular vinyl collar. Leather is also biodegradable, and well-made leather goods are typically produced using eco-friendly tanning techniques. Tanneries that support sustainable environmental practices are certified by the Leather Working Group, to ensure the impact of leather on the environment is minimal.

Durable Material

Leather collars are crafted from a material known for its amazing long-wearing qualities. Leather collars last longer and more resistant to wear and tear by a small breed compared to collars made of synthetic materials that can fray or break with time. In consumer interviews conducted by the Pet Care Association, less than 8% felt that their crocodile collars failed prematurely and none attributed this to natural cracking, i. e. real crocodile collars last up to 3 times longer than artificial crocodile collars as their life cycle is much shorter than the life cycle crocodile.

Let us say you have a small dog named Alex and a Dachshund dog named Toby. Leather collar for Toby which Alex bought two years ago. It still feels strong and well made despite regular walks and hikes out in the elements and mostly just looks a bit worn in. This resilient nature of leather makes it one of the perfect materials used for small dog collars, providing long-lastingness and a consistent wearing as well.

Safety Features

A well made leather collar offers safety features that small dogs need. Leather is durable and will not crack as easily as polyester, meaning that the leash will continue to do its job and keep the dog secure during walks. Per an independent safety test conducted by Pet Safety Labs, leather collars were 40% stronger than synthetic collars.

A Pekingese named Charlie got a free pass from warcraft during the days he wriggled his way through his too-wide nylon collar. When his owner replaced the collar with a sturdy, buckle type leather collar, the neighborhood escapes ended. Engrafted with the indestructible capacity of thick leather and hardware, these leashes keep your little dogs under control.

Hypoallergenic Qualities

A leather collar is also perfect for use on puppies with a tendency to develop allergies which irritate their skin. Leather collars are recommended by veterinary dermatologists for dogs with allergies because they have fewer chemicals and irritants than synthetic ones. After his owner switched to a leather collar, Max, a Shih Tzu with sensitive skin was experiencing fewer allergic reactions. The leather combined with its natural fibers and reduced chemical treatments helped reduce skin irritation. For those small dogs with skin sensitivities, opting for leather can mean a whole new lease of life for that little fur buddy.

Adjustable Fit

Typography Adjustable leather collars are great for small dogs as they can be adjusted in size. Such an adjustability is important as this prevents the collar from being too loose but also too tight that it is uncomfortable. The AKC states that leather collars being adjustable are perfect for small breeds that are still growing and having different weights.

Miniature Dachshund Sophie, saw a growth spurt during her first year. Emma, her owner got a leather collar for her with many adjustment holes. Emma took the photos and could adjust the collar so that it would fit perfectly as Sophie got larger. This is particularly beneficial for puppies or dogs which change how much they weigh a great deal, as being the collar can adjust accordingly, making sure you no more need to be concerned about not having your puppy or dogs collar suit them properly.

Prevents Chafing

Leather collars have a rigid design that they will not irritate the skin, which is especially beneficial for smaller dogs that have more sensitive skin. Leather has natural fibers which are gentler on the skin than synthetic ones. A study by the Pet Dermatology Association stated that if your dog wears a leather collar, there is a 50% decrease in itchy skin than those dogs who are put onto a synthetic collar.

DogMaxMax is a dog with sensitive skin, very sensitive skin for that matter. After seeing some redness and irritation, his owner changed from a nylon collar to a leather one. Max started to heal up within 3 days and was way more comfortable in leather. The soft feel of leather, as well as its flexibility, make it less likely to create those red, raw abrasions around your dog’s neck.

Easy Maintenance

Leather collars need to be cared for with a bit of cleaning and they are otherwise very low-maintenance. While some pet care specialists recommend just wiping the collar down and spot-cleaning with a mild soap on a damp cloth, others say that collars made from, leather require frequent conditioning through the use of a leather conditioner, at least every 3 to 4 months.

Our little Cocker Spaniel Lucy sometimes gets her collar pretty grubby on her outdoor excursions, so many thanks for helping to keep her & us safe. It has been easy for her owner Jack to clean her leather collar, so it should be easy for yours too. This easy-to clean nature of this collar will keep it fresh and comfortable for your pet.

Secure Buckle System

Leather collars generally offer a firm and durable buckle system. Unlike flimsy plastic buckles which are prone to breaking, the buckles made of metal on leather collars add an extra level of security. According to a survey commissioned by Pet Safety Labs, a full 70 percent of pet owners would trust a leather collar with a metal buckle TWICE as much as they do now-the primary reason being strength and durability.

Buddy, a Beagle, had a bad habit of busting out of his plastic-buckled nylon collar. Not once he started wearing a leather collar with a metal buckle. Strongest buckle system on leather collars, to keep small dogs safe, eliminating unlucky break-aways.


Leather breathes, so it should help keep your dog comfortable, and therefore happy, longer – especially in a warmer climate. Due to the fact that leather allows your skin to breathe, there is no likelihood of developing skin problems caused by sweating and a moisture-packed environment. Leather collars in control the temperature around the neck area in dogs, which make them feel cooler and more comfortable.

Molly was a Boston Terrier and would get very hot under all of her fur and due to her active lifestyle. Molly’s owner tried a leather collar next and found that he enjoyed it more, since the collar had some give which allowed Molly a little slack in emergencies, and she didn’t overheat as quickly as with a collar made from plastic tubing. Leather collars are very breathable, which is a great feature especially for small dogs with thick coats.

Stylish Appearance

For dogs that are small, leather collars offer a classic yet elegant appearance. Leather, with its organic feel and deep colors, offers a more upscale appearance than you get with synthetic collars. The Pet Fashion Association conduced a survey which revealed 65% of small dog owners opted for leather collars because of how they look.

A stylish Pomeranian, named Bella, who wears a leather collar with her name engraved into it. Sarah says the collar looks great on Bella’s furry chest adds a bit of sophistication to her appearance. Leather handicraft and care makes the collars are made of high quality work, which in-a way increase the appearance of a small dog by attracting fascination of onlookers.

Customizable Designs

Leather dog collars can be customized to fit the individuality and fashion sense of both dogs and their owners. This could be in the form of an engraved nameplate, some decorative stitching or just a wide range of colors and finishes. According to Pet Product Insights, custom leather collars are the 1 option for owners who desire to add an, thus individual, touch to all their pets’ add-on.

Modeled By Max ( a Dachshund) in: Handmade Leather Dog Collar with Brass Plate Name Tag. The collar is stitched with the stitches of max’s favorite color, blue. In fact, such customizations not only lend raffish style but at the same time have many practical uses like in case the dog may get lost he can be readily identified.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

Leather collars are typically hand-made by skilled artisans to provide the highest quality craftsmanship possible. As such, it becomes a product that is not only aesthetically pleasing but one that is also sturdy and will last over time. Handmade leather dog collars are what the American Leather Association considers to be a premium product because of the materials and labor involved.

At right, Luna the Chihuahua models a hand-stitched leather collar that her owner picked up from a nearby artisan – it’s a splurge that sets the owner back $70. The collar is still going strong, and hasnt sagged, it has never given in, and has shown no wear and tear despite how it is being used every day. Due to the high quality make of leather collars, they last a lot long as fashionable small dog accessories.

Versatile Fashion Statements

Versatile: Leather collars are a good match with almost any outfit and accessories, and can be worn in different events. From a leisurely stroll in the park to a black-tie event, the leather collar excudes fineness. About seven out of 10 dog owners in a survey by Dog Fashion Network were likely to wear a leather collar because of their versatility and ability to mesh with different styles.

Miniature schnauzer Rocky has a selection of matching pulsating colors of leather collars by season. Whether to match his owner at at a holiday party or a summer picnic, Rocky’s owner enjoys coordinating Rocky’s collar with his outfit. Also, the leather collars are very versatile and can be used to create a wide range of fashion statements even for such a small dog.

Symbol of Luxury

Leather chokers are commonly regarded as a luxury piece. Adding luxuriant features such as gemstones or gold-plated buckles further enhances the position of the collar. According to Pet Luxury Magazine, luxury leather collars with the greatest features are the most sought after by discerning dog owners.

Shih Tzu Chloe wears a Swarovski crystal-studded leather collar. The collar is a luxurious looking and feeling for Emma and Chloe, she loves having Chloe seen in the best way when they are out and about. Leather collars come with luxurious elements, making them the first accessory sought after by the owners of small dogs, who take pride in their status.

Gentle On Skin

One of the reasons for this is the fact that leather collars are considered to be the most respectful of canine skin, places it among the best choices recommended for small dogs with skin that is particularly sensitive to contact with the materials most commonly used in the making of collars etc. Leather is composed of natural fibers and, hence, is not as likely as synthetics to produce irritation. According to the Canine Dermatology Association, dogs who wore leather collars developed 30% less skin problems than those wearing collars of nylon or plastic.

Daisy, the Maltese, had a bad nylon collar that her skin is very sensitive to. Her owner reported a great decrease in redness and discomfort after using a leather collar. The soft and smooth texture of leather helps to avoid the chafing that causes skin issues among small canines.

Naturally Breathable

The leather is a natural breathable material that allows the skin to breathe and also helps to avoid the skin around the collar to get sweaty. Small dogs in particular benefit from this increased breathability as it reduces the associated moisture that can cause skin infections. Pet Care Science Leather Collars ( it found They maintain an optimal temperature balance around the neck) – but that risk of developing skin diseases by 25% due to heat stress?!

Chihuahua Luna used to repeatedly suffer from hot, sweaty skin under synthetic collars. When her owner went back to a leather collar, Luna got much more comfortable and her skin also greatly improved. Leather is breathable so even when warm, small dogs will feel comfortable and not sweat, reducing the risk of skin irritation.

Smooth and Soft Texture

Leather is a durable material with soft and comfortable texture, and is a good choice for dog collars. This softness is extremely helpful for littlest dogs, as that pet is likely to damage its sensitive skin with harsher fabrics. According to the American Pet Products Association, 80 percent of pet owners who switched to leather collars experienced fewer skin issues.

Our little Pomeranian Bella always got horrible red raw spots on her neck from her previous collar. She was given a softer leather collar instead by her owner, and Bella’s skin was healed all the way. Leather will not chafe the skin of small dogs allowing them to keep it on all day wherever they go.

Reduces Hair Matting

Due to their susceptibility to tangling and pulling and trapping fur in the collar, leather collars cause hair matts less than they would in a naugahyde collar. This is particularly interesting with long-haired small dogs, matting can be uncomfortable and cause skin issues. Dogs that wear a leather collar will experience 40% less hair matting compared to nylon collar. A study by the Pet Grooming Institute.

Charlie, a long-haired Shih Tzu, had a problem with nylon collars causing matts around his neck. We bought him a leather collar and his fur stayed smooth. Its slick surface prevents hairs from snagging and knotting, which dramatically lowers the risks of matting and the resulting skin problems.

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