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6 luxury brands that sell dog collars

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Six luxury brands that sell dog collars include Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermès, Prada, Versace, and Coach. Prices range from about $100 for Coach to over $500 for Hermès, reflecting the quality and brand prestige.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is one of the most distinctive names on the existing luxury market, and this brand does not limit its exquisite craftsmanship and iconic design to their products. Thus, luxury extends to pets, as Louis Vuitton also offers its dog collars. This facility is an excellent example of how high-end fashion brands mix practicality with opulence, allowing people’s pets to be a part of the Louis Vuitton world. From the clips covering all of the collars, it is evident that each of the Louis Vuiton dog collars boasts their classic monogram and are all made from a robust canvas. In addition, the fabric is connected with leather, causing it to be incredible.

The cost of such a collar is usually around $300 to $400, implying the expensive materials chosen by the brand and the premium cost. In contrast, even the high-quality and easily replaceable regular dog collars in a pet store cost no more than $50. The other features of these collars are that they are hard to damage because the leather used is hard, robust, and excellent. The material is also soft so as not to cause any scratch to the pet’s skin. Another major advantage is that the collar comes with tags made from brass and can be effortlessly and cheaply laser-engraved with the name of the pet and the phone number of the owner.

People obtaining their pet a Louis Vuitton item imply that they need far more than merely a useful thing. When they purchase an animal product from a Louis Vuitton store, they want a statement compliment toward their manner of living and fashion. They perceive dog collars from this brand as a valuable component of their luxury style and not just as one much-needed accessory to their pet. On top of that, after many years of utilizing such an expensive collar, they will not lose most of the cost of the item they acquired and may sell it, unless it is a regular collar that lacks all distinctive features, like Louis Vuitton.



An Italian symbol of luxury, Gucci ensures its presence even in the pet accessories industry. The dog collars manufactured by the company are designed not only to be elegant and stylish but also to meet the needs of the pets and their owners. Normally created using the Gucci stripes or the GG logo and high-quality leather, the collars of this brand are priced starting from $350, which is rather expensive compared to other dog collars, usually costing $20-$40. The quality correlates to the price, though, and the cost of a Gucci collar is reflected in the everyday softness and support of leather and brightness of the designer pattern, which does not fade even after constant use and cleaning.

One of the specifics of these dog collars is adjustability, which means that a single product can be worn by dogs of different sizes, ranging from small to large. As far as not being disadvantaged in any way, no pet can find a collar more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Being highly adjustable and produced with a meticulous attention to all the details, dog collars by Gucci not only look good but are durable and will not show their wear and tear accompanying dogs during all their everyday activities. Such products are often bought by pet owners in order to make a fashion statement for their pets – if one takes their dog to a pet-friendly event or a dog park, people who notice an elegant Gucci collar will start a conversation about their taste and appreciation of world-known brands. In this way, the style is extended to one’s pet, making the dog a perfect embodiment of one’s appearance and lifestyle.


Hermès, a brand with a long history of producing some of the best luxury products, has managed to create a dog collar that truly stands for such a reputation. Made from the same premium material that is used in Hermès’ bags and belts, these items are both durable and stylish. One may be willing to pay $500 or more for a Hermès dog collar, as the most common product usually costs around $30. Certain people find that it is worth paying such money due to the fact the collars are made of premium quality leathert with a collar that may even last for one’s lifetime while aging properly and looking better over the years.

However, the durability is not the only characteristic that justifies the high price of these items. If one’s neck is either to be squeezed by a too tight collar or to be easily released when one moves, it does not create any discomfort for the dog or may even put it in danger. That is why all high quality dog collars, made by either Hermès or other brands, are adjustable in such a way that they can fit any dog. Those boarding this specific item for their pet usually consider not only its design but also the comfort of their pets, as it is this collar that is to be put around their neck. These are the people who want their pets to wear some form of accesory during their daily walk or at high-profile pet events that is both comfortable and representative of the luxury brand.



One of the most widely used propositions by Prada, a famous luxury fashion leader, is a dog collar that efficiently combines style and ‘wearability’. As a result, it is actively sold to people who own dogs and are concerned with both aesthetics and the quality of the item that is going to be used every day. Prada is known for its elegant and laconic design, which is adhered to in the case of its dog collars, and their most common version features Saffiano leather. This kind of leather was designed by Mario Prada himself in 1913; it is a very durable kind because of a particular texture and does not get scratched. It is also expensive and is likely to last for many years without getting worn out.

Naturally, the minimal cost of such a collar starts from $300, which is significantly different from an average dog collar, available for $25-50, however, in this case, one pays for the materials and its brand. Adjustable settings are also often utilized by Prada so that the collar has a perfect fit no matter the breed or the size of the dog and does not make it uncomfortable on the neck when the dog is walking or playing. Most of the people who buy such a collar are unlikely to pay for the materials used but are rather interested in the possibilities of the fashion statement.

Thus, when walking one’s dog in the city or driving somewhere with their pet, such object on a pet’s neck is likely to tell a lot of things about the owner and lead to discussions of the issue. More specifically, Prada dog collars are likely to be observed when people throw parties where fashion is a key point of the event, and they are likely to get many compliments or to be criticized both for their practicality and price.


Versace, the brand that is synonymous with audacity and luxury, has extended its far-reaching fashion arm to luxury dog accessories. The dog collars are no less lavish than casual wear, as they usually implement some of Versace’s extravagant and recognizable patterns and images, for example, the Medusa head or the Greek key. A Versace dog collar usually costs around $350 or more and the average dog collar is listed at $15 to $50. This, therefore, trumps anything in terms of extravagance and highlights afforded by a simple dog collar. The cost of a Versace dog collar is reflective of the high grade of the leather, as well as a number of brilliantly-crafted details, including but not limited to gold-tone and a gems.

The reasons for choosing a Versace collar rather than a more affordable and much more discreet alternative is the desire to stand out. At a dog-focused gathering, a Versace collar is an unmistakable signal of its owners endorsing the brand and the preference for glaring, somewhat overdone designs. A typical Versace customer who buys a collar for their dog is not interested solely in the practical use of such an object, they want a fashion piece. That being said, it is not only a question of form but also of substance. The Versace brand promises quality first and foremost, meaning such a collar, which is used daily, will not wear out even despite its everyday use.


The world-famous brand Coach, which is well-known for its accessible luxury, has recently developed dog collars that feature a blend of its classic style and modern functionality. The brand prides itself on using the same high-quality leather as in its renowned handbags. These products also feature some of the unique brand patterns, such as the Signature Canvas, which is also some kind of a distinctive logo. Besides, the dog collars are complemented with cute classic add-ons, such as charms and stitching to create a well-rounded look.

The normal price for such a piece will vary from $100 to $150. This option is relatively affordable for a luxury brand, as many of the competitors may start their collar prices from $300 and above. Consequently, some pet owners might find the offer attractive as they will not need to go bankrupt to satisfy their needs in an outstanding, fancy collar for their beloved pets. Moreover, customers will guarantee the high quality of the product and some social status as they can demonstrate to others that their dog wears a Coach accessory.

The dog owners will particularly enjoy the stylish, yet durable addition that will not be easily damaged even with daily use by the pet. Collars can be worn to almost any event a pet is taken to: though they may look fancier at some informal pets’ master classes or alike, the modern collars are never too much. They are not only rest-resistant but also decorated with quality and handy metal charms, as well as the durable stitching that lasts longer than any other type of it would. Some adjustability options will ensure that even the smallest present will fit the collar with the least ease.

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