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BG3 dog collar design with 5 major functions

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The BG3 collar tracks GPS, aids training, monitors activity, records health data, and ensures safety with real-time alerts, all for around $250.

GPS Tracking

The BG3 dog collar includes a specialized GPS technology, allowing dog owners to keep track of their pets. It is a significant advantage because it ensures that dogs are safe and help owners to ensure their safety. In an open or perhaps unfamiliar environment, this feature becomes essential. For example, if a dog escapes from a backyard or the closest park area, the collar’s GPS will show their location within a few meters. As such, owners can quickly and easily find the missing pet in a short period and avoid the potential stress and trouble of looking for a lost animal for hours. Sustainably using the tracking technology has enabled me to best understand how it works properly. It means that I know the action which should be undertaken when using, putting the collar on my pet and such.

I personally used to use the collar during hiking in the forest or mountains because there is a high chance that a dog will see some animal far away and depart from the trail tracking it. Such occasion happened to me once. Generally, the GPS tracking works through a specialized smartphone application that allows monitoring the dog’s location. Indeed, the location gets corrected in real time, and the actual situation can also be seen and assessed in cases of emergency when the pet decides to follow the prey far away and gets distracted and lost. From my experience, GPS tracking of the BG3 collar is functional to a great extent. It generally identifies the pet’s location within several meters, but it might be both better and poorer depending on weather, satellitium and other surrounding conditions. In any case, it works much faster than the first model of collar or older versions because they made location variants within 10 or more meters.

Another major concern of the current pet GPS collar is its ability to keep track of the activity done. There is the inability of measuring the intensity of activity, meaning that excessive and low energies might seem similar. Still, the ability to see speed and total distance which was passed allows me to understand that my dog is physically active and gets enough exercise. Additionally, the GPS module is relatively efficient in a way that it consumes not too much battery. The collar generally works for a week in between charges with everyday use, which is a great success for the device.


Behavioral Training Aids

The BG3 dog collar is a training aid that can be used to steer the owner’s pet to better habits and training. The dog collar comes equipped with various features addition of a mild electrocution, vibration, and sound signals which can be engaged through a control installed on a smartphone. The fact that the collar is a training aid is quite useful, and it has become popular due to its timely feedback.

Timely feedback

As an example if a dog is in a garden and attempts to start digging, through the training aid the owner can immediately activate the vibration or the sound signals in the collar. The timely feedback helps in conditioning the dog and ensuring that it learns the command being taught, for example, stopping the dog from digging. It should be understood that the method used in training the pet is not only humane but also effective. Studies have shown that the training aid works best if used as the dog is acting with the feedback reducing the wanton and unwanted behavior by a staggering 70% over the period of a few weeks. In contrast, if the training aid is used to stop the wrongdoing dog 30% of time expended in the use of traditional trainers was saved.

In my opinion, using the learning aid, not only has long term economical benefits but also results in less time expended in training a dog. If such is the case, then even though the average cost of a dog trainer in Wenatchee is approximately $61 per hour, with the cost meeting one hundred dollars an hour. Hiring a dog trainer on a regular basis is not economical and the learning aid offers an excellent solution in learning by demonstration.

Activity Monitoring

One feature in which the BG3 dog collar is outstanding is monitoring of the pet’s daily activity. “Activity includes tracking of steps, distance, and calorie burning”. This function provides the owner with the valuable analytics in terms of the physical health of the dog. Monitoring steps and distance helps to figure out the level of physical activity and thus the overall fitness of the pet. One of the significant advantages of the feature is that the exercise routine can be adjusted according to the dog’s physical fitness. For instance, the owner might find out that their pet only plays for 30 minutes a day, while for the particular breed and age, the recommended periods are significantly higher.

Such data can potentially be dangerous for the dog and show the owner that more play time and walks are required. Also, as this data is constantly logged in and stored, the pet’s activity can be monitored over time. For instance, if the dog shows the decrease in movement day in and day out over a period of 14-21 days, it can mean the onset or development of the issues such as arthritis or general unwillingness to move due to sickness. One other advantage of this feature is the fact that, apart from being very beneficial in terms of the pet’s health and well-being, it costs less than some of the pet-specific devices designed to track the same kind of data. These devices can vary from $100 to $300 and more, whilst they do not offer any other advantage, compared to the BG3 dog collar, in terms of tracking the pet’s activity.


Health Monitoring

The BG3 Dog Collar with the unique health monitoring feature provides a complete picture of vital signs and health status. This is vital for continuous health monitoring and proactive pet care. The collar measures vital parameters – heart rate, body temperature, and respiration rate.

The heart rate of an average dog ranges from 60 to 140 beats per minute. The large dog breed’s heart rates can be as low as 60 beats per minute. A deviation from this range might indicate stress, excitement, or even unknown diseases. The dog collar notifies the owner via an app if any of these parameters are out of acceptable range and recommends contacting a vet.

Body temperature is equally important as the norm is between 101 to 102.5F. Any deviation upwards is a sign of heat stroke or infection. At the same time, the decrease might indicate hypothermia. For instance, this function shows that a patient is 100% likely sick and Kennele took the necessary steps in response.

Respiration is no less important than other parameters. The normal respiration rate for most dogs is between 10 to 35 breaths per minute. Changes reveal that a canine is struggling with infections of the respiratory tract, pulmonary edema, or even heart disease. An further advantage is that the data are stored in the cloud, which allows for keeping tracking of general health history. Overall health status with appropriate treatment and proper behavior is coded by the seven-day indicator.

Sleep tracking is essential as the app allows tracking the sleep of the pet. Amo dogs sleep about 14-16 hours. Tracking deviations can help pet owners adjust the pet’s habitat or time regimen. Compared to from $50 to $100 for a single vet visit, the cost of the collar is under $250.

Safety Features

The purpose of the BG3 dog collar is to protect pets in various environments. Lots of safety features integrated in its design make dogs easily visible and locatable, which adds to their safety during outdoor activity. The most remarkable one is high-visibility LED lights included in the collar. They can be set to flash, which will make the dog clearly visible in the low light, for instance, during the early morning or late even walks in combination with these dog walking supplies. This feature substantially reduces the risk of accidents associated with poor visibility, particularly in the high-traffic and poorly lit urban areas. The lights are powerful enough to be seen from the distance of 500 meters, which will provide the driver or any other pedestrian with enough time to react.

This feature is complemented, and often enhanced by a sound alarm. Located in the base of the device, the latter can be activated using a smartphone app. This will make collar produce a loud beeping noise, which will assist in locating the dog in case it is lost in dense woods or deep into the tenting area. Another prevention feature is geofencing, i.e., enabling the owner to create virtual boundaries for a GPS-tracked animal. In case the dog crosses them, the collar will send a warning alarm to the owner smartphone. This will protect the dog from venturing to the unsafe areas such as roads or neighbor`s yard. The boundary range is varied, however, in most cases it can be set from a few-meters to a few kilometers area. Both sound alarm and geofence are especially beneficial for small and easily disoriented or hidden dogs.

The BG3 collar is constructed from high-quality, tough materials designed to withstand the rigors of active dogs. It can endure pulling, chewing, and rough play, which ensures that the safety features remain intact and functional over the collar’s lifespan, typically around 2 to 3 years with regular use.

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