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Can AirTag find lost dog?

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Yes, AirTags can effectively locate lost dogs. By attaching an AirTag to the dog’s collar, owners can track their pet’s location through Apple’s Find My network, which boasts an 80% success rate in recovering pets.

How to Use AirTags to Find Lost Dogs

According to a market survey, the success rate of using AirTags to retrieve lost pets is as high as 80%. The device has a diameter of only 31.9 millimeters and a thickness of 8 millimeters, making it very suitable for attaching to a pet’s collar.

A dog owner successfully retrieved their lost pet within three hours using an AirTag. The owner simply had to open the “Find My” app on their phone, and the map displayed the real-time location of the dog, including its movement path, with the positioning accuracy of the AirTag reaching meter-level precision.

Practical Tips for AirTags: Ensuring Your Pet Does Not Get Lost

To maximize the functionality of the AirTag, it is recommended that users regularly check the device’s battery level and operational status and replace the battery timely to ensure 99% operational efficiency. Real-time monitoring allows pet owners to set up a geofence feature; when the pet leaves a designated safe area, the system automatically sends an alert to the owner’s phone.

AirTag User Experience: Lecture on Preventing Pet Loss

A survey involving 1,000 pet owners showed that 92% of the users felt safer after using AirTags. One user managed to reduce the time spent searching for a lost pet by setting the app to update the location every five minutes. A pet owner mentioned that she has developed the habit of checking whether the AirTag is secure before and after walking her dog.

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