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How far can AirTag track a dog

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AirTag can track a dog effectively within a Bluetooth range of about 30 feet. Beyond this, it relies on the Find My network of nearby Apple devices to update its location, which can vary widely based on device density in the area.

Bluetooth Range

The technology depicted ensures the connectivity of a Bluetooth range up to approximately 30 feet. Therefore, you can keep tabs on your pet up to that area to be efficient. This means that with reference to your surroundings, if the initial setting is at your Apple device, you can acknowledge whether your dog is in this range from its surrounding. To put this clearly, you are at your local coffee shop, and the dog is at a visible distance from you but still up to 30 feet from you. As you both are walking, the AirTag is to locate and deliver all the necessary information on your iPhone about the organism. Hence, in this setting, you can confirm that your pet is safely tied up outside while giving you the best company when having your cup of coffee.

The previous example works perfectly in this setting, and you can lodge confirm the same being the case when considering the opposite thereof. This is whereby you have to consider whether the application is to be an earnest addition in your lifestyle. This implies that the relationship will be effective in raising an alert in terms of tracking the pet once it exits the 30-foot range. In simpler terms, while you are at home with your animal in the backyard, it is possible to keep it in the same place without worrying about its disappearance. In other words, you will be capable of keeping the pup around even with the advancing technology working within reach without concerns of signal reduction. Therefore, this tenth example’s case is equally relatable, provided that the dog does not move any further beyond the range.


Find My Network

AirTag uses not just a Bluetooth connection, but in fact, Apple’s entire Find My network. That’s how it can be located anywhere and potentially at any distance which has no general limit. Even if the AirTag is out of Bluetooth range of the nearest Apple devices, it still sends a signal which is picked by other devices that are passing by. Thus, the device can only be located with other Apple products but not just those that belong to the owner but any person who has an iPhone somewhere close to the owner of the dog and his AirTag.

This is a perfect system which will work almost flawlessly in urban and suburban conditions. In a downtown area or a middle of a busy suburb, enough people with iPhones will come close enough to the owner of the tag. In that instance, the frequency with which the dog location is picked up will work almost flawlessly. On the other hand, if the tag is in a remote hiking area or a rural area with few Apple devices around, finding the dog may be harder and take longer.


While AirTag has broad tracking functionality connecting to Apple devices via the Find My network, there are a number of limitations that affect the device performance in real-live. Although many peculiarities of AirTag’s functioning cannot be considered becoming, there is a number of limitations who the user should know to better his dog. The first obvious limitation is the density of Apple devices in the vicinity. If you live in a densely populated urban area, the effectiveness of tracking an AirTag may be rather high. Since there are multiple devices surrounding your dog’s AirTag and the sphere of their interaction is about 100 meters, the AirTag detection may occur every several meters. In more rural areas or in the parts of the town which are less populated, the situation is getting more challenging. If your dog walks away into a remote park or a farming zone, the tracking updates maybe very rare killing your time.

The second limitations restriction is the physical environment. AirTag works on the principle of Bluetooth technology use, which stretch is limited to 200 feet. Moreover, many factors can interfere with the communication including buildings, terrain or greenery. If the Bluetooth signal is hard or completely disrupted by the object, the Apple device will not be able to find the AirTag even in the direct vicinity. It is especially relevant for dense forests or heavily built-up areas which had no successful dog track around that place.

The last fragile lateral is the dependence of the tracking updates on the presence of strangers with smartphones around you. There can be no guarantees to the fact that the owners of the apple devices around you will have their smartphones on their hands and participate in the air-tagging to help your find your dog.

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