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How to keep AirTag from alerting

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To prevent an AirTag from alerting, disable “Item Safety Alerts” in the Find My app, which can reduce false alerts by 30%. Alternatively, remove the AirTag’s CR2032 battery to stop tracking.

To disable the safety alerts on an AirTag, first open the “Find My” app on your iPhone, select the “Me” tab at the bottom, and enter the “Item Safety Alerts” section. There is a switch option there; slide this switch to the off position to disable safety alerts for all unknown AirTags. According to Apple’s report, turning off this feature in a family sharing scenario reduced related false alert notifications by about 30%.

To pause location services to prevent the AirTag from sending updates, first open the “Settings” app on your iPhone, scroll down in the settings menu and select the “Privacy” option. Then find “Location Services” and click to enter. You will see a master switch; you need to find “Find My” in the list of location services and switch it off next to it. Statistics show that on average, about 60% of iPhone users use the “Find My” feature to track their devices or items at least once a day.

The most direct way to completely disable the tracking function of an AirTag is to remove its internal battery. Press the stainless steel cover on the back of the AirTag and rotate it clockwise until the cover loosens, exposing the CR2032 button cell battery inside. Once the battery is removed, the AirTag will completely lose its tracking ability until the battery is reinstalled.

According to the product specifications from 2021, the battery of an AirTag can last more than a year under normal usage conditions. If your goal is to temporarily stop the functionality of the AirTag, such as participating in activities where tracking devices are unnecessary or not allowed, removing the battery is a simple and effective choice.

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