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Is AirTag bad for dogs

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While AirTags can track dogs effectively, they pose risks like skin irritation and entanglement. To mitigate these, use hypoallergenic collars and limit wearing time to under 12 hours daily.

Potential Impacts of AirTag on Dogs

When dogs wear this device 24 hours a day, it may cause skin irritation or allergies, with about 10% of dogs developing skin issues such as rashes or pain after long-term wear of electronic devices.

The AirTag fixed on the collar increases the danger for dogs during outdoor activities. For example, while playing in the woods or bushes, the AirTag might get caught on branches, causing the dog to be trapped or suffocate. There are reports that a dog almost suffocated after its collar got caught on a branch, fortunately being rescued in time.

Continuously wearing a relatively heavy tracker can cause discomfort for pets. Behaviorists have found that about 20% of dogs show signs of anxiety or depression after first using a tracking device.

Analysis of the Pros and Cons of Dogs Using AirTag

The advantages are clear: AirTag provides precise geographic location information, allowing pet owners to monitor the dog’s location in real time. Statistics show that pet owners using AirTag can retrieve 85% of their pets within the first hour after they go missing.

The disadvantages of AirTag are also evident. Long-term wear can cause discomfort for dogs, including skin irritation or allergies. Additionally, the AirTag’s battery needs to be replaced regularly, incurring extra costs of 100 to 200 yuan per year. Behaviorists also note that nearly 30% of pets show behavioral adjustment issues when they first wear tracking devices. Using collars made from breathable materials that do not contain allergens can reduce the incidence of irritation to below 5%.

How can I avoid the negative effects of AirTag on my pet

Research suggests that AirTag should not be worn for more than 12 hours a day to reduce stress on pets. When considering the possibility of accidents, choosing a collar with a breakaway feature can significantly enhance safety. This design ensures that the collar breaks away quickly when abnormally pulled, thus preventing the dog from getting hooked or hanging. Reports indicate that the use of breakaway collars has reduced related accidents by 70%.

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