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Top 6 Dog Collar Accessories Brands in the UK,Dog collar accessories test

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Discussing accessorizing our favorite pets, it is impossible but mention dog collar charms that serve the purpose of adding a nice touch of style and character. In this guide, we have explored the top six dog collar charm brands, presenting the specifics of their designs, characteristics, as well as charm. Starting from the most luxurious and elegant designs with Xparkles incorporation and finishing with playful and fun charms of Funny Fur, all of the brands have contributed significantly to the development of this industry, receiving numerous recognitions and becoming popular among their target customers.

# Company Name Price Range Annual Sales
1 Xparkles $10 – $25 50,000 units
2 Poochie Fashion $15 – $30 40,000 units
3 Funny Fur $12 – $28 45,000 units
4 Baxter Boo $8 – $20 60,000 units
5 Madeby Cleo $18 – $35 35,000 units
6 Pawlicious $10 – $22 55,000 units



Here is a report about Xparkles as a top-rated brand in the dog collar charms industry. The brand is one of the most popular ones, based on its unique style and longevity at the market. All their charms are pretty, and their outstanding feature is durability. Xparkles’ products cannot be called too expensive, as their cost ranges from $10 to $25, which makes them affordable for customers. Moreover, in the previous year, the brand sold around 50,000 units showing that customers trust the company and like its offers.

Over more than five years of being at the top of the industry, the company established the highest standards for quality and design of their products. Their charms are unique and lovely, and the materials used for their production are often durable, which means they will not break, tear apart, or lose shape in a couple of months. They also received many awards for their outstanding business, and one of the latest ones was proof of a high brand evaluation. At the International Pet Industry Expo, Xparkles received the “Best Pet Accessory Brand” award.

Main Products: 

I want to suggest Xparkles dog collar charms as they are exceptionally well-designed and durable. With a variety of styles to choose from, you are bound to find the best one for your tastes. These charms are lightweight and comfortable for the pets, and the attachment to a leash is still secure and relatively easy. In my opinion, the company has manages to find a good middle between elegance and practicality, making their charms a great choice.

Alloy Heart Shaped Dog Charm

Dangling Dream Catcher Dog Collar Charm

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2.Poochie Fashion



This is one of the brands that have definitely moved forward the industry, which creates pet accessories. Its charms usually refer to a certain season, and some of the pieces are really limited ones. That is why each charm designed by Poochie Fashion has its own fashionable and original style. More and more people pay attention to the fact that these charms are ahead of the other designs and are awarded for their best features. Poochie Fashion was given the “Most Innovative Pet Product” Gold award during the exposition of the Global Pet Expo. It should be stressed that these charms are also safe and durable.

Main Products: 

Poochie Fashion charms have gained popularity because of their fashionable and stylish look. The use of high-quality materials makes such charms very durable and gives them an aesthetic and attractive appearance. Many pet owners appreciate the fashionable and unique nature of such charms, which allows their pets to look incomparable and stylish. However, some users mention that such a level of design and quality of materials is quite expensive.

crown jewels dog collar charm in gold

angel wings dog collar charm

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3.Funny Fur



One of the much beloved brands of the dog collar charms is, undoubtedly, Funny Fur. This brand offers a variety of dog collar charms, ranging in price from $12 to $28. Funny Fur charms are witty and playful, and they can make a personal statement in the most cheerful way. This year the brand is going to sell about 45,000 units, which means that many people trust this small company and are willing to buy its products.

Main Products: 

Funny Fur charms are joyful and playful pet accessories. These charms are designed from bright-colored and fancy pieces of metal. As the typical model is small and light, it is very comfortable for the small pet and is of no discomfort to it. However, a big decoration can be too heavy for a little dog. The majority of these charms are very convenient in use. Still, there can be some inconvenient models. For instance, some little details of a seemingly strong theme or the entire model may be too fragile. Thus, users of Funny Fur, as well as other pet jewelers, should always be 100% attentive with their pets or with the pet casts.

Buddy Belt Charms

Love for Strawberry Enamel Charm

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4.Baxter Boo



Baxter Boo has always been one of the most reliable and inexpensive brands of dog collar charms. The fact that its products range from $8 to 20, and have a great variety of charming designs is truly impressive. In the industry, however, it is known for its emphasis on quality and best customer service. The designs are cute, lovely, but also very durable. Their collar charms last a long time and do not break or get damaged easily. This commitment to value and quality meant that the charms of the brand received the award “ Top Value Pet Product Meadowbrooke ” at the Pet Products Show.

Main Products: 

Baxter Boo charms have a great value and a good quality. They come in several designs – some of them are more practical, other more pretty. The material is firm and will last long. The best thing I like about Baxter Boo charms is that they are not as expensive as they may seem from their design and durability. I believe it is a good idea to buy a Baxter Boo charm for a pet.

Clear Bling Lettering Slider Charms

Lobster Claw Bell Collar Charm

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5.Madeby Cleo



Madeby Cleo is the best in the dog collar charms industry due to its elegant and intricate design. The charms that are priced between $18 and $35 are aimed at those pet owners who see beauty in sophistication. Moreover, even though the price is somewhat high, popularity indicated by approximately 35,000 sold units a year points to the fact that the target customers are readily willing to purchase the brand product.

Notably, the organization deserves recognition because of its impact on the industry, particularly, the choice of its materials. The fact that Madeby Cleo produces stunningly beautiful and yet very robust charms is quite commendable. Being made to be true heirlooms, i.e., items that will undoubtedly stay in one’s family for generations, the existing product from Madeby Cleo is made of highly resilient materials. Therefore, it can be considered a breakthrough in the field..IsNull.

Main Products: 

What makes Madeby Cleo charms so unique is the elegance and sophistication inherent in their design and craftmanship. The uncompromising quality of materials employed for the production, along with numerous intricate design solutions, give these charms an air of luxury that makes the item able to compete with jewelry for humans. Naturally, such quality and elegance are expensive – this brand is not for those who are constrained by budget but for those who are looking for high-class accessories to underscore the sense of haute costume in their pets.

Pet Collar Charms

Solid Color Pet Collar Jingle Bell

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Pawlicious dog collar charms have become a preferable brand in the market, as the products are both lovely and practical and are priced reasonably from $10 to $22. As a result of the attractiveness of the product and quality at affordable prices, the sales have been around 55,000 units per year. Specifically, the affect that the brand has had on the dog collar market is that it is the only one with strong emphasis on the making of accessories that are functional as well as beautiful. The Pawlicious charm is light, yet durable. It is gorgeous on the dog and is therefore attractive to consumers interested in pet fashion.

Main Products: 

If you ask me, then Pawlicious charms are the perfect mixture of affordable price and fancy design. There are dozens of styles to choose from – some are more fancy and cute, while others look more practical. They are comfortable and a bit bigger than the average pendants. I put mine on the collar and it fit just right there. My favorite thing, that says a lot about the product, is that the charm doesn’t come off – the clasp is secure and fool-proof. I cleaned it a bit a couple of times, but it still shines like it’s new.

Star of David Collar Charm

Christmas Tree Collar Charm

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