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What is the best dog training collar

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The best dog training collar varies: flat collars suit everyday use, Martingale collars are ideal for sensitive breeds, head collars control strong pullers, and harnesses distribute pressure evenly for comfort.

Flat Collar

One of the most preferable options for basic dog training is the flat collar. It is the simplest and easiest type of collar that fits almost all dog breeds. Such a collar can be used for proper guidance on a dog’s behavior. It is also one of the favorite options among pet owners because this type of collar is the best way to keep identification tags and rabies vaccination tags necessary for a dog’s overall safety and compliance with the current law. The material of the flat collar can be nylon or leather, and its average price is $10-$30 depending on the length and quality. Over dozens of years, a well-fitted flat collar will last and can be used for several other dogs.

I usually replace the type of collars only to be fashionable but not due to the damages. If to compare the flat collar with the other specialized tools for advanced dog training, it is the best fit for teaching basic commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “come”, etc. The point is that many other specialized tools such as a head halter, choke chain, and prong collar usually produce long-lasting affects on a dog’s behavior that is why dogs that are already trained with the above-mentioned training tools will need certain time to adapt for the flat collar. The proper use of the flat collar prevents neck injury and distress, which will never happen with more restrictive options.

It is important that the flat collar fits your dog properly – so called “two-finger rule”. When the collar is on a dog, two fingers should snugly slide around the neck but will not push up into the neck. That means that the dog won’t be able to slip out of it but will also not be chocked. Hopefully, the flat collar is not only an effective and safe instrument for training but also practical for everyday use in the bar or on the street to prevent dogs from staring or unnecessary growling with barking.


Martingale Collar

The Martingale collar is a type of equipment often suggested for training as a safer alternative to standard choke collar. This type of design is particularly useful for breeds with more narrow heads, such as Greyhounds and Whippets. The collar tightens enough to prevent a dog from being able to slip out of whereas it does not choke or harm the neck when pulled suddenly. In such a way, pet owners can find Martingale collars useful to tighten for leash training sessions requiring extra control, but this will not cause the dog discomfort. When the dog on a Martingale collar tries to pull, the collar tightens slightly around the neck causing as the neck and this action makes the dog think twice before pulling next time, thus, helping to reinforce the dog walking habits and keep it calm and controlled.

The collar is made of a variety of durable fabrics: nylon and, typically, other models are equipped with metal parts that allow for adjustment and control. The price of a Martingale collar is $15-40 depending on material quality and brand. The length of a collar’s usage can be quite long; with regular usage for training and walking, it can withstand two to five years. Many dog trainers suggest using a Martingale collar when having a training session in a park or another location with many distractions.

They provide a rapid and effective tightening mechanism that allows for better control over a pet when it becomes excited and easier to distract with surrounding elements. Particularly, they will cause no fear or stress in the dog, a crucial condition to follow when doing training sessions. A balance between safety and effectiveness in the modern training process is important to follow a rewarding philosophy.

Head Collar

The Head Collar is an incredibly effective tool for controlling and training dogs that pull or require some visual guidance during walks. A halter for a dog is designed to fit around the muscle of a pet, mimicking that of a horse. The construction of this accessory allows pet owners to adjust the direction in which the dog is moving via its head or snout. The beauty of this system is that the dog’s attention is pulled back towards its handler, distracting the pooch from outside influences. The head collar is fantastic for pet owners walking large breeds that are extremely alert or high-energy dogs that might be difficult to control otherwise. According to pet owners that use the Head Collar, the accessory makes leash training incredibly simple and advantageous to both the dog and their human companion.

After a couple of training sessions over the span of one or two weeks, the dog becomes frustrated with the Head Collar and does not want to pull on the leash. Humans have found the accessory extremely useful because it does not require months of rigorous training and reinforcement to gain such results. The Head Collar falls in the $20-$50 range, making it a relatively expensive and specialized tool designed especially for larger breeds. It is made out of soft materials that are comfortable for dogs to wear, but at the same time rigid enough to provide the correct constriction otherwise the dog would not accept the accessory being on their snout.

It is important to keep in mind that Head Collar training does require some adjustment because placing a foreign object over a dog’s face might cause confusion, fear, or anxiety. Thus, the only effective training method would be the positive reinforcement of the pet with treats and praise during Head Collar acclimation. If the accessory is used responsibly it is a great tool for regular walks as well as training sessions allowing pet owners to immediately gain the dog under their control.


A harness can be used as a leash-walking tool for dogs that pull on the leash, experience respiratory problems, or are prone to neck injury. Unlike traditional collars, a harness reduces pressure on the neck and distributes it more evenly across the dog’s body. Thus, it is regarded as an especially good instrument for puppies and toy breeds that might suffer from tracheal collapse such as Pomeranians and Chihuahuas. Much to their surprise, dog owners often notice that leashes become looser once their dogs are transferred into harnesses. This quality greatly advantages efficient training since the animal can be instantly pulled into you and corrected by moving or turning on a front-clip harness with the leash attachment on the chest. Generally, the price of a good-quality and extended-use dog harness that is comfortable and ergonomical varies between $25 and $50.

Made of durable and breathable material, such as padded nylon or mesh that reduces skin irritation, this harness can be worn not only during short walking or training episodes but also for prolonged hours. Should you opt for sports or dog agility training, many experts recommend a harness since it fits variably and snugly to avoid chafing, sores, or impairing breathing and does not impede the dog’s performance or movement nearly as much as a collar does.

Both the snug fit and adjustment at the back provide maximum control over the animal. Overall, the choice and construction of a dog harness can directly affect the way it works. A no-pull version, for example, is usually made with front and leash attachments to either back or front that gives the handler enough of a lead to force the dog to move at the handler’s speed and direction.

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