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Wrong Collar Wearing Can Harm Your Dog33

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Since the rule of going out to put a leash on the dog, I have been on Taobao, physical stores all kinds of look, all kinds of research. Just don’t know which one to buy. Often heard people say that the use of chest and back is easy to make the dog storming, suggesting that people use a collar. But the collar is like handcuffs, can limit the dog’s rage. In wearing a collar and choose the right collar is really important, in the choice should pay attention to 5 points!

The first point: according to the collar material

Dog collars are available in leather, nylon and iron. According to the dog’s neck width for it to choose the appropriate length of the collar, the dog should be comfortable after wearing the collar, can not pinch the fur. Some dogs will be allergic to the material of the collar, there will be hair loss, bruises, itching (here does not exclude some because of diet, feeding some high salt, additives, some dog food or food, weekday diet should pay more attention to the dog to choose some low-salt ingredients, no preservatives and additives of natural dog food), serious wear and tear of the dog’s neck and other problems.

The second point: the collar to leave a gap

There is also the dog collar should not be buckled too tightly, should still be able to easily tuck in two fingers after the collar is buckled. Remember to leave a two-finger wide gap between the collar and the dog’s neck, otherwise it will be too tight for the dog’s comfort. Because it will cause slow cell metabolism, thus appearing the dog’s body function damage.

The third point: puppy precautions

Usually, it is also necessary to pay attention to the puppy in the case of unattended to remove its collar, so as not to be hooked by other things leading to suffocation. Long-haired dogs are best not to wear a collar for a long time, so as not to neck part of the hair is compacted, lose the original rich feeling, affecting the sense of beauty, weekdays puppy dogs in the diet feed some with deep sea fish oil dog food, for hair also has a certain degree of help, this can also prevent the dog wearing a collar after the hair does not look good situation occurs. Dogs have veins and arteries in the neck, long-term wear will affect the circulation of blood, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain.

Fourth point: wearing precautions

The wearing of the collar has certain precautions, do not let the collar wear too tight, which will compress the dog’s thick hair, or the dog’s trachea, sometimes if it is naughty to pull you forward with force, it is likely that the trachea will be compressed. Collar is suitable for most dogs, the dog’s neck is relatively weak place, when you pull the leash close to the collar on the dog’s neck stimulation can be very good to control the dog’s behavior.

When your dog is ready to go out, be sure to check if your dog’s collar is properly fitted. There is no excessive strangulation of the neck, if more degrees of strangulation of the neck, it is easy to cause muscle damage in unexpected situations. Weekday sports in addition to skating, you can also give your dog some collar training, more interaction, training time to give your dog some snacks as a reward, such as chicken jerky, both training, but also grinding teeth calcium!

Training to wear a collar:

If your dog is not willing to wear a collar, one is because the collar you picked is not suitable, and the other is because you have not let your dog get into the habit of wearing a collar. To train your dog to wear a collar, you can grab a handful of dog food and put it in your pants pocket and have him sit. Then you tell him, “If you’ll put on the collar, I’ll reward you with a treat and a few kibbles if you get it right. Gourmet rewards can be dog treats and chicken jerky.

Dog Diet Notes:

The choice of dog food is also very important, in the training of the dog to wear a collar reward used in the dog food or snacks as natural as possible, high salt and high oil dog food or snacks, it is easy to cause the dog on fire.

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